Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Big 92.7 FM Life Time Till Now

Big 92.7 FM Suno Sunao, Life Banao, has been in the market since September, 2006 with the launch of its first station, but later they expanded their broadcasting to 45 cities, 1200 towns and have broadcasted their shows to over 200 million Indians. This is itself historical, but please don’t be surprised, if it surprised you, as there is lot more to come!

With the launch of its shows in metropolitan cities, they have made new way of entertainment in this real world. I remember few years back, radio wasn’t anything more than an outdated machine, but thanks to radio stations like this one, which somehow brought the times of radio yet again.

The main motive of this FM station is not to take listeners up to the height of entertain, but also to touch each and every aspect of life. With this motive, Big 92.7 FM has achieved several unattained heights. Their thoughts in creating unique experiences to listeners in every part of the country have made them, the best.

With the motive of uniqueness, they now enjoy the leadership all over India and have been named as no. 1 in Bangalore and Kolkata among private FM players. It has the second top most listeners across 5 Metros Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and Bangalore. Whoa, that’s cool!

Add on to their life time, are the awards they have won, which include Lintas True Award (2007) for making themselves fastest growing media brand. Cannes Lion Gold for Nokia Activation in 2009 and the last but not the least Big 92.7 FM is the most awarded radio brand in India Excellence in IRF Awards 2010. After having so much to boast of, they are still the best in the market.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

And Big FM 92.7 FM Become Radio of Year at "Golden Mikes"

92.7 BIG FM won the major award of the year and continue on its victorious run in four major categories. At 'Golden Mikes' award, Big FM gets best Radio Broadcaster of the Year and every listener would love to heard that Big FM 92.7 got 2 gold and 3 Silver award. We wish Big Fm to keep getting award for your outstanding work in radio industry.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Online Big Fm 92.7 in Delhi: How to Enjoy From Home

It’s been almost 1.5 year since I started this website from where you guys can listen Big FM online, Yeah not exactly online Big Fm 92.7 but some sort of music which makes you excited to listen to it. Though some online tool I get to know that some of people from Delhi or people who are from Delhi and live somewhere else in the world like New York, California, Ontario, Dallas, United Kingdom, Bangkok and many other cities . I am getting lots of mail from those and they ask me for the Big Fm online right from Delhi. So guys I would say not only Delhi but also anywhere you live in can access this station to your pc just having an internet connection. There is lot’s of music to entertain you as well as RJ who makes you laugh enough. I am updating this post just to let you guys know about the music as well as Radio Station. Tune in Big Fm 92.7 FM..Suno Sunao Life Bano!!

Just mail your review or post your comment about the radio you listening to. Thanks for visiting J

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

RJ Ridhima Joshi – A Sweet Nature and Caring Gal, Amazing Personality!

In the morning, when I open ma facebook account, I started browsing groups and get one named “Mera Pyara Rishikesh” and talked to Vijay! Next, A girl pinged into chat and said “Sorry for intruption but can you tell me how to get rid of this window appearing into may desktop screen?” and what I said “Go though your group and click leave group.” How rude I am? Yeah me so rudely talk to her. But soon I said to sorry to her, she knows the reason that was somewhere in my mind. But I was really apologies for all that to her.

She is RJ at Big 92.7 Fm, and after so long discussion she approve ma friend request on facebook and then i decided to write something about her.

Basically, she is from Rishikesh, but now in Agra (UP).
About her well tell u d truth...I'm a bundle of contradictions.. Hyper yet chilled out, sensitive yet straightforward, practical yet a dreamer, a hard worker who hates to work, simple but complicated, a smart idiot, an optimistic short miss confusd
She recently quoted on Facebook :-  i believe in what i am..
                                                    if not god created me something different..
                                                     which shows evn he's proud of what i am..
                                                           morning people! :)

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TC Ridhima