Wednesday, May 18, 2011

RJ Ridhima Joshi – A Sweet Nature and Caring Gal, Amazing Personality!

In the morning, when I open ma facebook account, I started browsing groups and get one named “Mera Pyara Rishikesh” and talked to Vijay! Next, A girl pinged into chat and said “Sorry for intruption but can you tell me how to get rid of this window appearing into may desktop screen?” and what I said “Go though your group and click leave group.” How rude I am? Yeah me so rudely talk to her. But soon I said to sorry to her, she knows the reason that was somewhere in my mind. But I was really apologies for all that to her.

She is RJ at Big 92.7 Fm, and after so long discussion she approve ma friend request on facebook and then i decided to write something about her.

Basically, she is from Rishikesh, but now in Agra (UP).
About her well tell u d truth...I'm a bundle of contradictions.. Hyper yet chilled out, sensitive yet straightforward, practical yet a dreamer, a hard worker who hates to work, simple but complicated, a smart idiot, an optimistic short miss confusd
She recently quoted on Facebook :-  i believe in what i am..
                                                    if not god created me something different..
                                                     which shows evn he's proud of what i am..
                                                           morning people! :)

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TC Ridhima


  1. awwww...tatz actually sweet...all i can say is...thanx a ton!! :) :) and that was a lesson for you!! the world is full of beatiful people...actually every other person is special in his own way...learn to know the person...and enjoy the colors of life...

    thanx all again...m all smiling..:) :D...BLESSED BE DEAR...:)

  2. hey..ol d best 2 dis vry chilled out gal for her future... i am in luv wid her voice..:D.. may god bless..

  3. hi rocky,, h. r u.. nakosam neva neva nanantaa song from ammma nanna oo tamil ammaye movie... ee song play chayava plsss... rajiballreddy, mothinagar.