Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Big FM Celebrated Ganesha Chaturthi, Big Green Ganesha Launched!

So several days ago when we talk about Green Ganesha which is about to let people realize what is the role of nature in our life. And the campaign is seems to executed successfully and now they have launched Green Ganesha in the studio and now you can see the "Green Ganesha". The campaign's tagline was "Ganpati Bappa Morya, Dharti Mata Morya". People always wants to be blessed but what about our Earth? They shouldn't take care of "Dharti Mata"? The campaign got attention when Chennai's favorite actor Simbu share his views with people and said "People need to be aware for nature and treat our environment more sensitively." He share some other points too.

BIG GREEN GANESHA Camping started in 2006 By Big 92.7 FM to create social awareness to make the festival most popular and sound more ecologically.

Today 19 September, 2012  BIG GREEN GANESHA awards has been launched. Radio Jockys will give company to top celebrites and travel around the India. They will announce the name of winner on measures they’ve taken to create ecologically sound Ganeshas.

Let's talk about celebration :)

Big 92.7 FM's RJ Ankit just tweeted a photo saying "Photo of Shrimant DagduSheth Halwai Ganpati, Pune." Seems Big FM celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi all over Maharashtra including Mumbai, Pune etc.


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