Wednesday, May 18, 2011

RJ Ridhima Joshi – A Sweet Nature and Caring Gal, Amazing Personality!

In the morning, when I open ma facebook account, I started browsing groups and get one named “Mera Pyara Rishikesh” and talked to Vijay! Next, A girl pinged into chat and said “Sorry for intruption but can you tell me how to get rid of this window appearing into may desktop screen?” and what I said “Go though your group and click leave group.” How rude I am? Yeah me so rudely talk to her. But soon I said to sorry to her, she knows the reason that was somewhere in my mind. But I was really apologies for all that to her.

She is RJ at Big 92.7 Fm, and after so long discussion she approve ma friend request on facebook and then i decided to write something about her.

Basically, she is from Rishikesh, but now in Agra (UP).
About her well tell u d truth...I'm a bundle of contradictions.. Hyper yet chilled out, sensitive yet straightforward, practical yet a dreamer, a hard worker who hates to work, simple but complicated, a smart idiot, an optimistic short miss confusd
She recently quoted on Facebook :-  i believe in what i am..
                                                    if not god created me something different..
                                                     which shows evn he's proud of what i am..
                                                           morning people! :)

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TC Ridhima