92.7 BIG FM Chennai

Manasa Thotta Melodies" Kekkalam Pesalam, Life Kondadalam.

Big 92.7b FM, Which is broadcasting in many cites of India along with some outsider countery such as Singapore (XMF 96.3) and Bhutan. Which is currently covering 45 cites across India was launched in Chennai in  September 27, 2006. 

So Looking for Big Fm which will play Tamil songs online for you? There are several songs which will played of Tamil Language and RJ's to talk Tamil. Listening to Big 92.7 FM at chennai is never been easy on Internet but we have made it possible for all you Big FM lovers.

92.7 Big FM Chennai is very famous over internet or if i would say Facebook, it would not be wrong! People from Chennai use to listen to Big 92.7 fm all the day and they made too many calls to request their song and to talk with RJ's. They also come to Big Fm studio to meet their favorite Radio Jockey, They intact with everything happening over Big FM. This is something that really make Chennai's people so different and make their entertainer pround to have such listeners. 

It's having such greatest transmission equipments and  infrastructure. You can enjoy it's all program daily 24*7 on this Tamil Big FM blog online. This is not only famous because it is Big FM but also famous as a Tamil Radio Station all over Tamilnaadu as well as it's nearby state.

"Manasa Thotta Melodies" Kekkalam Pesalam, Life Kondadalam.

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  1. I Am a fan of Big FM. I generally on the move. When I tried to listen BIG FM online, it doesn't work.